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Let’s talk about our favorite: social media

Aren’t we lucky to have resources like the internet and social media? We can explore or search whatever we need in a click and that is what makes most of our work easy. We are dependent on the internet so much that whenever we want to know about something we reach out to our phones or laptops and here we are with an answer in just a click, so in this development of technology reading books for information, listening to elders and their stories, waiting for the broadcast on radio or television all of these things are just gone and I kind of miss all this. In this lockdown somehow our lives are revolving around our phones and laptops (the internet). For me, my morning routine is scrolling Instagram feeds for at least 45 minutes, even when there’s nothing that interesting to see I don’t know what interests me so much that I forget that I belong to this world where we have real stuff to do. Knowingly or unknowingly whenever I touch my phone the first thing I do is to check my WhatsApp and Instagram and then after five to ten minutes I realize that I had to do something else or call someone that’s why I reach out to my phone on the first place, I don’t know if it’s just me or it happens with everyone. Social media as we know is an addiction and more than that sometimes disturbing. There are constant competitions and comparisons and we all do it. What someone posted, what she was wearing, with whom he/she was, views on stories, likes, and comments on posts, etc. Why do we need to do that? Social media and the internet as useful as these resources are they are highly time-consuming and most importantly disturbing. Social media is not a real-life and we tend to forget it. It is seen that the use of social media has an impact on self-concept, self-esteem, body image, and body dissatisfaction. I recently read that according to a study many women were insecure about the number of likes they got on their pictures and posts fears them about not looking good and not being desirable. Most of the time people show a different life on social media than it is in actuality just to look good and make sure they belong to the cool people group. For new content creators or young influencers, the increase in the number of likes boosts their self-esteem and give them surety about their talent. We all are into this cycle of social media and the internet but then is it correct to function this way? I guess even though we know that these things shouldn’t matter to us but in some way or the other it does. As a gregarious country, Indians love their social networking apps. In 2020, the highest number of WhatsApp and TikTok mobile app downloads in the world were from India. Estimates indicate that by 2023, there will be almost 450 million social network users in the country, from a little over 326 million users in 2018. It is great that we can get connected with the whole world via the internet and a large number of people are employed and earning on social media but at the same time people are losing themselves in the process of trying to fit in and competing in this social world. Can we just educate ourselves about what is the meaning of social media according to what I read of course, on the internet is that “social media is a place where people can be entertained, communicate, and participate in the social world, a platform where we can learn something new and get the motivation to improve our existing skills and personality by getting connected with worldwide influencers.” Nowhere it is stated that we have to copy someone and try to be like someone, we are perfect as we are everyone has their personality, set of skills and they should maintain it. The use of the internet is to save some time and get our work done easily and social media is for entertainment and learning, we have a real-world to live in and we cannot just spoil the reality just because of the illusion. In this kind of social world if we want to be at peace we need to value ourselves, love ourselves, and believe ourselves that we are perfect and of course, there is always a scope of improvement but just as long as we want to improve it, as long as we feel we can be better at it. There are 7.8 billion people in this world how can you expect all the 7.8 billion people to like you, how can you become perfect for all those 7.8 billion people, do you personally like everyone around you? Answer yourself. Step out of this world of social media and perfect pictures because, in the end, real-life likes are more important than social media likes.