The Break we all Needed

With the whole world going through a tough time, the growing coronavirus, the falling economy, the number of people losing their lives, and the constant fear of getting infected with the virus it’s all a mess for everyone. In march everything was normal, everyone was as busy as ever. I was at my college. Suddenly we got a notice from the director that we are closing the college because of the ongoing coronavirus. I don’t know about everyone else in the college but I was super happy I needed a break and trust me going home and good food is what we crave for in the hostel. Then the lockdown started and the smart hostel kids like me with our four pairs of clothing came back home leaving laptops, books, and study materials behind in the hostels. I think we all enjoyed our vacation for a month or so then our colleges started sending us emails regarding assignment submission and online classes and upcoming exams. This was the time when all the smart, talented people like me started regretting not taking their laptops and other important stuff back with them. Teachers were bombarding us with assignments and we the students at NIFT are extremely blessed with thousands of ‘REDO’s’. We are learning to live with it. With the high pressure of completion of assignments and classes, we somehow live our lives. Attending classes is one of the most difficult tasks and attending classes at home goes on to the next level of difficulty for me (my phone, my bed and me. This is the most romantic relationship of my life. I can’t let anyone come between us, not even the classes). Gathering motivation for patiently sitting for four to five hours continuously to attend the classes was our prime concern, the pandemic did not affect us. Classes got over, submissions were done and now I was left with nothing but a whole lot of time. No matter how much I thought of spending my time qualitatively I ended up wasting it binge-watching series or just sleeping or scrolling the Instagram feeds for hours. Still, I learned quite a few things which are very much important for me nothing of academics sort of learnings are included but the personal, mental, and emotional. It is very important to know yourself, we generally tend to ignore who we actually are and try to adapt to a personality which is not who we are but somewhere in our mind we think people can like this person so we wanna be that one. Lockdown time was as difficult as it was physically or in terms of health but emotionally and mentally too. Even I noticed some changes in myself as well as people around me because this was the first time in our lives that we all were together doing nothing and were strictly at our homes, it was a task. With all the emotional breakdowns, uncontrollable anger, and confused state of mind having no idea about the future and tonnes of regrets of the past. Feeling lonely, miserable, and depressed was kind of overtaking our precious once in a lifetime moment, the time we got to spend with our family, our loved ones, and especially with ourselves. I learned one thing that life is full of uncertainty about what’s coming in the next hour, how a small virus can hold in people around the whole world inside their homes, and how when we will be able to step out is undetermined. During such times, one should have hope and belong to the ones we trust. In the wake of spirituality and much-needed consciousness of what our future holds for us, we have ourselves, people we love to be taken deep care of. Being thankful for the resources we have. Now whenever I feel low or confused about what is going to happen or when any negative thought pops up in my mind, I look around me, take a deep breath and tell myself I am in charge of my life if something goes wrong I have the power to make a change and most importantly I am not alone.