qu’est-ce que la mode?

Fashion is the expression of individuality, time, or a place in the form of clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup the overall way you present yourself. The idea of fashion is something that differs from person to person. For a very long time, my definition of fashion was something which popular people or celebrities would wear in terms of clothing and the trends they set or follow. But it was only after I went to college I understood NO! that is not how it is. It took me a lot of time to understand what suits me, what looks good on me. And more importantly, there’s a large difference between what I think will look good on me and what actually will, we all go through this phase where choosing what to wear and how to look good is the most important task of our life and most of us take it more seriously than our board exams. We millennials are blessed with resources like Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms where we can easily follow influencers and celebrities and can catch up with the trends. But we often forget that every individual has their sense of styling and blindly following them cannot always work, the meaning of fashion itself is exploring and expressing one’s individuality. Here comes my definition of fashion not as a fashion student (nothing fancy) but as an individual, so for me, it is comfort and confidence, something which is comfortable for me to wear so that I don’t have to be conscious about my dressing all the time. I am the kind of person who needs to feel confident and clothing is the first thing that adds to my confidence. So coming back to the story, like most of the other girls even I was trying to figure out what looks good and importantly what will be likable by my peeps. I tried everything, used my brain entirely, and ended up feeling uncomfortable and frustrated about how I was looking. I wasn’t happy at all. Slowly and steadily I understood what I like and what I don’t for instance I feel good when I wear something comfortable and by comfortable I don’t mean loose clothes but something which I enjoy wearing without the feeling of being judged. Getting judged and feeling tensed is the biggest fear for anyone and to overcome that we just need to understand that it’s all in our head that we will be judged on doing something, take a moment and think when are you most afraid of being judged obviously when you do something which you are not comfortable at so why not be yourself and be comfortable always. Similarly, clothing is one of the primary things which can boost your confidence instantly and nothing can be more attractive than a confident human being ( a confident YOU). After applying this great knowledge practically in my life I started feeling good about myself and I am finally happy with the way I dress. Moreover, to make it more interesting I started experimenting with my comfortable looks (obviously I won’t be telling what I wore and what falls under my comfortable clothing that’s for you to think not about me but yourself, your style) and I noticed that every time I experiment with my clothes I learn something new about myself, what I like wearing, what looks good on me. We are seriously blessed with internet and the social media that we can know what is going on in the world in a touch, similarly, the fashion world is growing rapidly with talented influencers and bloggers who bring up new trends within our reach but we need to know that something which worked for them may not always work for us. We should always be ready to learn new things and we can get inspired by people but copying someone blindly will never give you that confidence and you will never stand out. I might not be very comfortable wearing something which looks fabulous on my friend and can end up looking weird or feeling unhappy about it and vice versa so just accept, everyone has their style and we should appreciate ourselves as much as we appreciate others. We live in a world where we have to be different to be recognized and being you makes you different, fashion demands for something different, feel free to try different things, and experiment with your style, clothing, accessories, etc. Be that someone whom you secretly admire, be the person who you will love before expecting from others to like you.