The Law of Attraction and positive thinking

We all are told by our elders that you should always think positively or say good things only, etc. Whenever I was told this I used to think that why is it so? So the problem with us, the millennials is that we need scientific reasons for whatever our mom and grandmom (parents obviously but specifically moms and grandmoms because they are always ready with some sort of explanation or saying about everything) tell us because we need to show that we are all scientists and we believe only in facts and proven theories. Just randomly I came across the book ‘The Secret’ and I started reading it. I knew nothing about it so after reading the title I thought it is something really interesting which has different secrets about everything that happens in life. But I was wrong there’s only one secret that is the law of attraction(this is according to my understanding) or we can say you attract whatever you think. After reading that book I read a little bit more about the topic on the internet and I found that our positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences respectively in our life. I couldn’t search if it is scientific or not but then a thought came across my mind that even a patient on a death bed in a very critical condition medically is believed to be recovered only if he wants to live the patient’s will to live, to recover is said to play an important role(it’s a filmy example but it’s true, believe me). So the positive thoughts are directly linked with our way of living and our way of living is directly linked with the way we think. Whenever we are thinking about something good and positive we feel happy and peaceful but when we are dealing with some problem or when we deviate the path of our thoughts to the negative direction our mood gets affected. Whenever we are thinking about something in our conscious mind unconsciously our mind starts working towards it. Life is full of surprises and unexpected difficulties and there’s no existing being on this planet for whom life is very easy everyone has their problems. We cannot change the very nature of life but we can try to change our way of looking towards it. We have control over a few things in our life and being optimistic is one of them. What it means is that whatever we do whether right or wrong is the result of the action we take and the work we do which is based on again what we think. What we can do is that we can train our minds to wait and work for a happy ending for any situation and try to bring out something positive in everything and every thought. And how to train our mind, our mind is the most complicated thing in this universe so we cannot control it but we can try to consciously stop or distract our mind from the bad thoughts which unconsciously pops up in our mind. We can meditate, we can read good books, we can indulge ourselves in activities which we love doing or we can just think that what if this isn’t a problem nothing is out of control, you can easily fool your mind. We often tend to create situations in our minds which we know are not true but still, we like to think about it, there’s no meaning in wasting our time and energy on negativity and use our brain to reach the worst possible scenario better to concentrate on something which is in our control. I know easier said than done but we can try, scientifically it takes twenty-one days to make or break a habit, so let’s try it together because a happy mind leads to a happy spirit and happiness depends on our thoughts so try to find something positive in every negative.