The Sattika

So starting with the meaning of “Sattika”. It is described as a women’s attire in ancient India in Sanskrit literature and Buddhist literature called Jataka, okay let’s get it straight it means a saree. So, every girl has a story or a memory related to saree, I remember as a small girl I used to drape a dupatta all around as a saree and I don’t know if it is weird that used to make me feel grown-up. Indian traditional wear or ethnic wear always used to fascinate me a lot so one day I just thought of digging deep into it and to my surprise I found that “the women’s garment in the Indian subcontinent that consists of unstitched drape typically covers most of the body” a saree has a long-long history. It is so interesting to see how we tend to overlook a few things which are so significant and are a big part of our daily life and culture as well. So while reading about it I found out something very interesting that a saree is traced back to Indus Valley Civilization which marked the Indian tradition where the poets stated that women should be dressed such that the navel would never become visible. By which for some time the navel exposure became a taboo and the navel was concealed. After reading this I felt bad it just hit me hard that how women were made to do certain things or be a certain way, what if they didn’t want to be like that? what if they wanted to wear something else? I don’t know if they protested for their rights or not but today the scenario is quite different, it makes me feel so proud as a woman to see the development in society that a woman who used to be suppressed by men and was not allowed to look men into their eyes is now considered no less than a man and is believed to conquer the world and how they changed over the time and not just in the way they dress but the overall changes in their attitude, personality, confidence, way of living (finally started to think about themselves, started to live the way they want to) as I was thinking about it I noticed how women used to drape their sarees earlier and how they drape now has a difference and then suddenly a thought came in my mind that why not link this versatile journey of a woman to a saree, a piece of clothing that can be considered as a passage into adulthood of a woman, symbolizes her independence, makes her feel bold and beautiful and mainly is a representation of the civilization and culture of India. There are over 80 ways of wearing a saree traditionally but as you know now there is advancement not only in terms of technology but creativity, opportunity, and talent in all the fields so why would women lag, of all the beautiful women (influencers, bloggers, fashion content creators, and every single woman who tried doing something different) so because of them there are more than hundreds of ways of draping a saree and can we say that just like this a woman has crossed all the barriers of the society and conventional thinking and emerged victoriously and now a woman is probably a housewife or an engineer or a doctor or a scientist or an actor or a fashion designer or a chef or a mother or a wife or a sister or a daughter or everything that she wants to be in the world. Moreover, it is amazing how not only women are supposed to wear a saree but anyone can rather anyone can put off any kind of attire they want and embrace themselves and the beautiful life. I know it is all confusing but let’s narrow it down I just wanted to appreciate all the women in the world for their courage, strength, love, determination, and for being so selfless. So what better than admiring our cultural attire and be proud of women empowerment. In addition to it, this wouldn’t be fair to not consider and appreciate all the supportive men out there who stood by these wonderful women like strong pillars of hope and motivation without a father, a brother, a son, a husband, a grandfather, and an uncle a woman would not have been able to full fill her dreams and change the world for better.