Keep it Casual !

Casual wear is a rescue for lazy ass people like me who do not want to come out of their comfortable pajamas yet wanna look put together and for those who do not want to look overdressed but stylish at the same time. Casuals have been at the top of the fashion game for a while now, being the most worn and shopped clothes, their versatility is remarkable. Think of the times when you stood still in front of your wardrobe staring at the mound of clothes trying to figure out “What to wear?” and finally landed on a decision, jeans and a t-shirt. Casuals are the easiest handy pieces out there. Saying that there are a few outfit options that I think are always gonna be evergreen. A pair of well-fitted jeans has to be my first choice, whether it is skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or mom jeans when paired with a plain white or black t-shirt with sneakers and minimal accessories you can rock THE LOOK.


The second-best casual piece of clothing for me is a good quality t-shirt, again we have categories like a graphic t-shirt, a plain t-shirt, with various prints on them which when paired with denim skirts, shorts, jeans (as mentioned above), joggers, tights, gives a sporty casual vibe. So a t-shirt and jeans can be worn by men and women both and more or less can be paired up with anything mentioned above.

Now coming to the print style that can be worn by men and women both are the ‘Florals’, a floral shirt, a floral dress, or anything with floral print on it gives you that fresh and summery look that everyone is raving about nowadays, perfect for day time.

According to the fashion gurus the most trendy piece of attire in recent times, are the Jackets and I can’t agree more. If you are someone who worries a lot about what to wear, jackets are your liberators because of its flexible style. You can make a bold statement with jackets like a spring leather, a trench, an oversized blazer, a fringe jacket: looks super trendy and stylish. A vest, or a denim jacket, which when paired up with jeans gives you that monochromatic look.

There are many more attires such as Flowy dresses like a maxi dress, a dungaree, a jumpsuit, or stylish blouses, which are casual, yet trendy and when paired up appropriately makes you feel like a diva. Now, do you think clothes to be the defining factor of your look? Well don’t get me wrong but there are plenty of things apart from clothes that complete your overall ensemble.  Footwear and accessories can contribute a lot to your outfit when done right. For a casual look, pair of sneakers, leather boots, and flats work the best as they are high on fashion as well as comfort. Footwear is essential for both the genders, it wouldn’t be fair to say that only girls invest in thousands of pairs of shoes but men too own quite a collection, and why not? Because why to hesitate when that one pair of heels or shoes can make you rule the world. Diving into the accessories part a good watch is always an asset moreover like a statement piece. Jewellery helps you in looking flattering and elegant. It is interesting to see how casual clothes can be turned out into such chic outfits and the most important thing is that it is easy to put off and looks effortless when put together. Because as the wise man said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language.”- Miuccia Prada