Let’s Recap

So, the year 2020 is about getting over, and what a roller coaster ride it has been. This lockdown had a huge impact on all of our lives and I guess we won’t be able to forget it for the rest of our lives. But we have to accept that no matter how much we have condemned this year we enjoyed it more than anything, of course, not the pandemic part (that was sad and unfortunate) but the vacation part of it. For most of us, it was a time off from our so-called busy schedule, a 10 months long holiday if you will or a ride into self-introspection or whatever you would like to call it. So as this year is coming to an end why not take a look back and see what all we did from March 2020 till the present: for starters, we all are culprits for sleeping half of the day, hours and hours just because this was the first unexpected vacation where schools, colleges, offices, everything was closed and we had to stay home and relax. Who all did this? I guess almost everyone. So, moving forward, our favourite habit of gobbling down every junk food in site came to a halt, in lockdown living without those juicy burgers and cheese dipped fries was beyond impossible even for me. Also who, got scolded by their parents for eating unhealthy food? For me it was almost every day, then finally the super chef inside me woke up one day, went into the kitchen, and started to cook whatever it could, well the end result muuwahh!!! CHEF’S KISS. Now was there anyone whose master chef skills were also witnessed by their family? Hey, but I have to say I have gotten better. Also, do we remember, the “let’s have a haircut at home!!!” phase OH GOD, everyone was cutting their hair at home and you would find boys too, either in weird haircuts or 90% bald (because they did not want to go bald but somehow hair cut went wrong) and the dear girls would be seen with bangs or short hair. Now the looks were altered but what about the body? Most of us were gaining so much weight. So, we had to work out and we did, for some people, they did it seriously but for someone like me the motivations just last till the next meal. It’s okay. We are still working on it. Aren’t we? And then finally when we were about to get comfortable with our routine and were getting good at it, zoom meetings happened, and what a bad time!!, Schools and colleges had to barge into our vacations and we had online classes, exams, and assignment submissions. Still going through it. But the fun part was to get ready (or presentable) just above your waist and then join the meeting or for school and college people turning off the audio and video and sleep, and then ask someone to call at the time of the attendance. Come on I am not the only one who did it, you too are guilty of this. And how can we forget Ludo King, board games, long video calls, conference calls, and some of us were able to witness virtual weddings and other ceremonies too. How cool was that? So, with all this fun there was an emotional breakdown too, depression, anxiety, or just confusion about everything that was happening, being unsure about the future, tonnes of regret about the past, and a totally unstable present. A hard time as it was, physically and mentally. But what is life without a little bit of complication, we somehow passed a long way, lost a lot but even gained something, the very nature of life. We have procrastinated so much till now, that we need to know it is not okay anymore. We have to work towards our future because everything is going to be just okay and as normal as ever and we will still have goals to achieve and beautiful life to live and for that, we need to get up, enough of being lazy and get back to work. Also, what about a game of AMONG US? If you are free.

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