Lockdown Celebrations

Merry Christmas everyone. So, yes Christmas is here already, and even this Covid year is about to get over (I hope). Actually, I never celebrated the authentic Christmas because A: I am a Maharashtrian and B: I have zero Christian friends, not that only Christians celebrate Christmas but you know what I mean right? For me the most amazing Christmas celebration used to be while I was in school, our school used to organize these skits, carols, and every Christmassy thing that you can possibly imagine. As kids, we used to be so excited for these small celebrations or mostly for the vacations, and then we grew up and all the excitement and fun kind of went away or I guess we became so cool that none of these things mattered to us, we were busy chilling. Yesterday, while I was scrolling my Instagram feed, I saw all these Christmas reels and posts and suddenly there was a weird realization that this year has come to an end, can you imagine! Considering how this year went and what all happened, who would have ever thought of celebrating the major events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all other festivals which hold so much importance in our lives on zoom calls or privately without our loved ones? And this made me realize that when everything was so-called normal, we were not interested in attending weddings or these small family functions, I don’t know about you people, but seriously my world shatters when I am asked to get dressed and go out, I always used to prefer staying at home eating food while watching TV and chilling. But then in this lockdown, I was dying to go to at least one wedding. Seriously, this year in 2020 right from January or I guess even before that, I didn’t go to any wedding, not even a single one I mean not like I didn’t go to one but obviously I wasn’t invited either and for the ones I was invited I wasn’t able to attend them because of my college, yes people! I know you can relate to this. Okay, enough of my nostalgic somber story. So, my point is that we took many things for granted when everything was normal, life was not sorted, but we can say it was better and now when everything is kind of crazy, we crave for that normal life. This lockdown period has been so important for all of us, I think that we got time for self-introspection, basically, we have spent so much of time with ourselves and honesty somehow for me that proved to be really amazing, I feel like I did not know myself earlier and in lockdown, I was shocked to see different shades of me. See it’s like we always want to concentrate on our achievements, good qualities, and everything which makes us happy but rarely we look at our shortcomings, our flaws and it is so difficult for us to accept them. So, this year was a perfect example of what it is called as knowing the other side of the story and mainly accepting it the way it is going on and still try to live with it and make the most of whatever you have right now in this very moment. And celebrating our festivals and happy moments considering this present situation and the overflowing emotions which is a task. So, a couple of days ago, I was thinking about all those festivals we celebrated in the past and Christmas was something when we friends used to go out together and have fun, but this time the thought of not being able to do the same made me feel a bit sad. Suddenly, a thought popped up in my mind that what if we celebrate this Christmas together maybe not like old times but still, we can stay at home and still be together and have fun so I randomly told my mom that I will be inviting my friends for lunch on 25th and then I called my best friends and told them about all this. And now, when I am writing this it is 25th today, my friends will be coming home anytime soon and I don’t know what we are going to do but I am super sure that it is going to be a memorable one. The conclusion is that we don’t know what is going to happen in our lives next, everything is so uncertain that we should now learn to accept the present situation as it is and try to make the best out of it. Every day cannot be as we expect it to be and life cannot go according to our plans, we need to be acceptable and flexible about all these things. So, PEOPLE!!! try to celebrate every special day of your life in the best way possible. And yes, I am not inviting 20 people to my house, I can really count my friends on my fingers and some of them are out of town (nobody asked for it, but still).


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