Every year nearly 1.5 million students get their degree in engineering. In medical, India produces over 50,000 doctors per year. As of the field of law, 60,000 lawyers enter the profession every year. And the list goes on and on. There are many professions and every year there are millions of students who enter this new phase of their life, adulting, stepping into something which will define them as individuals and somehow mark the rest of their lives in some way or the other. It is said that “education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world”, and yes indeed it is. Are there only a few professions that are promising enough for an individual to sustain? Even the stats which are stated above can be considered for that matter. In India, as we all know, engineering, medical, business, or at max law, these are the professions which are considered to be superior or promising, the career which gives an appropriate social status. Who supposed this? Relatives, elder family friends, people in general. There are these few professions that are ranked up higher as most of the population pursue it, regardless of the absence of job security. There is a list of 12,000 careers on google, check that out once. Not only engineering and medical but 11,998 more. Opting for a non-conventional career path has always been difficult than going for engineering and medical maybe because it is not tried and tested by most of the human tribe. But going for something different does not make it wrong. As we entered 2021 already, this is the time for filling up the applications for college entrances, and a very crucial step of the aspirant’s life. In such hurry and strain making a wrong decision is not uncommon. Thus, when applying for colleges and opting for the profession to be chased a few questions should be asked: 1) What excites you about the profession you want to go for? If you find your job interesting and exciting then you would be able to work for it for the rest of your life. 2) Are you willing to learn something new about it every day? If you are then it is the career path for you, because this is something you will be doing every day for the major part of your life. 3) Is it something that makes you happy? If not now, then in the future will performing your job make you happy? Is it the kind of work that will make you proud of the work you do and of yourself too? Being happy and proud of the work you do is of utmost necessity, it takes energy, undivided attention, heart, and soul to do anything. Nothing less than 100% of quality work is expected when it is for living. An affable suggestion from my side would be, do not listen to what people say about which profession is worth pursuing, which job is the best, which college is good especially from someone who is nowhere related to the field (profession). Each profession has its value, there are ample jobs, good social status is guaranteed if you are doing what you love. No one else is going to go to the college on your behalf, no one is going to write exams for you, it is you who is going to be responsible for your future. Each step taken towards your goal is important. It is your life, your future at stake. So, do not listen to people do what you want to do. Of course, there will be people who would give a good piece of advice, which will be helpful. It’s you who have to decide which and whose advice to be taken into consideration. You know what is right and what is wrong. Life is all about taking risks, do not forget to live it on your terms.