Remarking Resolutions

Happy new year! Year 2021! What an awaited year this is. Given how 2020 went, we all have high expectations from this one, and let’s accept this, please!. So, whenever a year starts, we all get so excited and pumped up to start everything fresh. We get so excited to organize the whole year in one day like I will do everything, I will plan everything on the 1st January or 31st itself. I have this habit of writing down everything I have to do in a day, not because I am super organized and punctual but, because I forget due dates of my assignments and most weird of all is if I have my submissions on say 16th of this month, and if say tomorrow is 16th, I will forget that tomorrow is 16th even when a night before I am planning what all to do but the main day I will just forget. For me planning or just writing down my stuff plays an important role in my day-to-day life. So, for this new year I thought of writing down my resolutions and put it somewhere I can see it frequently so that I will have that urge to follow it, because when we put a tick mark on our accomplished goals from the list that feeling is surreal, as if we conquered the world. Of course, I am not going to talk about my new year resolutions, but what I feel about the idea of listing down our goals for the year. So, the year 2020 was difficult, in terms of financial instability, emotional, physical, and mental health, and every possible thing. And now, with much strength, hope and a huge lot of expectations we are ready to ride this old cycle of 365 days yet again but in a very new way, our way. When we have a lot on our plates, we tend to make foolish decisions, and not think through all the possibilities or outcomes of that very decision. In the coming times, our lives are going to be busy like a bee and at those times prioritising our work life, personal life, family time, learning something new, etc is going to be a task and we will end up, giving up on something which might be important. Now, when we have gone through the good and the bad the previous year, planning 2021 would be easy, because we know what all we want to achieve, where we failed in terms of our expectations, how we want to be in the coming year, or whatever it is, because we have procrastinated so much (I did, a lot) that now getting things rightly done is our responsibility, the pressure is ON!!!. When we have all our priorities listed right in front of us, that makes us aware of the time we have and the work we need to do. Also, I think to start a year with a lot of positivity and productivity, we feel confident about ourselves, and one more thing I have noticed is that when we are able to satisfy ourselves, when we are able to fulfil our expectations that makes us happy. So, what can be better than taking a moment and list down our goals for the upcoming year and then start with full force. By listing down or planning our day or our year, I don’t mean keep planning on constantly and then if something goes the other way round, breaking yourself down, getting anxious about it, because life happens while we are busy planning it, even I agree to it. But just plotting a rough idea would not do any wrong, rather it would be beneficial. So, all the best to those who are going to make a resolution list and to those who are not too. Let’s walk into the year 2021 with full energy, make ourselves proud, and achieve all our life goals. AMEN!!!!!!!