The existence of a living creature on the planet earth is magical. Amongst all the living beings’ humans are thought of to be the most powerful ones. They can do anything and everything with their intelligence, knowledge, and hard work. For ages, humans have been the creators, everything we see around us which makes our lives serene is the human brain that worked tirelessly to make that invention possible. But, why did mankind work so hard for all this? Why we still do? Success, money, power, recognition, etc. could be the possible reasons. And while conferring about creations, destruction cannot be disregarded. Humans have not only destroyed nature (for all that we know, the constructions, pollution, etc.) but have demolished the trust and empathy for one another. In the hustle for power and recognition, the essence of humanity in humans is lost or is hidden (if not lost). The greatest wars that humankind has ever seen were fought for power, lives were lost and nature was harmed, with power to be gained humanity was lost. In these experiences of suffering and hatred, people forgot the sense of trust, help, compassion, the sense of belonging towards one another. An example to support the statement inscribed above: You are on a traffic signal waiting for the light to turn green suddenly a man (can be young, can be old; a stranger) approaches you and ask for a ride to some destination. Would you give him a ride? The first thing that comes to your mind- is he genuine? No matter how much I want to help him, but in the end, he is a stranger. I don’t know anything about him, what if he harms me? And then we just say no or ignorantly shake our head or hand, end of the story. Here, when given a thought about this scenario it won’t be incorrect to conclude that the intentions behind not helping the man were not wrong. Yes, he might really need the help, he might really be a good person but just in a hopeless situation. No one can be blamed for thinking about themselves and their safety but the lack of trust and those incidents which gave rise to it. Recently, the whole world has witnessed a very painful, difficult phase where people were (are still) dying of the disease of course, but of poverty, hunger, loneliness, and depth too. In these immensely tough times, the ones who were stable (not affected to that extent due to the pandemic) came forward to provide food, shelter, arranging modes of transport for those who were stuck in places far from their home and families because of not having money and other resources ensuring help to all. The pandemic and lockdown due to it have brought an enormous change in the way life was viewed earlier. Stuck at home, doing nothing, with nowhere to go, and no one to meet plus the constant fear of getting infected by the virus was a big change in all the normally busy lives. Every day, thinking about those who were out there homeless, hungry, without proper clothes and masks, walking miles with luggage in both their hands and children on their shoulders was heart-breaking. But humanity prevailed the deathly virus. Thousands of doctors, police officers, caretakers, nurses, government officials, and all the noble people who took a step forward to save some lives, gave up time with their families and without thinking about their safety, worked day and night ensuring safety of others. This selfless humanitarian act and the empathy shown by millions of people gave rise to a new era of humanity in the modern world. With all the negative sides of the pandemic, a positive side of the society was witnessed. Trust and compassion in the human race are not lost but hidden somewhere behind the long veil of deception which needs to be unveiled. Eventually, we are here to help each other, to support each other, and move ahead together. In the end, humanity triumphs.