Let’s start from the basic, we live on planet earth where humans, animals, insects, and all kind of micro-organisms lives. Humans cannot ever be like animals and animals cannot be like humans in terms of their basic nature. Animals kill humans for their flesh and so do humans. Despite few likenesses and few diversities both the creatures exist. Humans pets some of these animals, love them more than they have ever loved anyone, understand them, and take care of them. If a human can show such love, care, and understanding to an animal then why not to a fellow human? Humans are complex creatures in the brain as well as egos too. It is difficult to understand them. I agree. No two human beings can be the same, neither couples nor siblings nor friends, no one. But neither are your pets, soft toys, or any other living, nonliving species you love or care about. We are living in a world where we are continuously juggling between our work life and personal life, it’s like an endless loop. The slightest bit of tension or predicament in any one affects the other. Why a small disagreement upsets us so much, infuriates us? There’s so much negativity that arises from the arguments due to these disagreements. A very simple reality has to be accepted here that there’s going to be a difference of views and opinions between two people, and whenever something like this comes up one of the two has to sense the situation, understand the seriousness and shut up. Having said that, this does not imply that every time in a circumstance like this only one person will be suppressed and others will be given all rights to burst out and prove every wrong point as a correct one. Putting one’s opinion on the table has to be in a dignified and respectful manner without hurting the other one. At least forty percent of the fights and arguments can be dissolved or rather avoided just by accepting someone entirely. Adjusting, or changing yourself just to fit in, or avoiding the situation is not correct either. But, just accepting all the parties involved the way they are and making considerable changes or adjustments willingly by everyone and living happily can be a good option. We can just coexist. Similarly, we can apply this concept in other aspects of life too. Let’s talk about our professional aspects. Do you believe in competition or number games? Do you always compete with your colleagues for that number 1 position? If you don’t. It’s okay. But if you do also, it’s okay. As long as the competition is hale and hearty it is good. The problem arises when we overdo everything and that gets to us mentally. We can just think of it this way that something that drives me or motivates me might not drive others, it is not necessary that the other person also wants to be number 1. And please note this some people don’t want to compete with others, they are their biggest competitors. You can work towards your goals and let others work for theirs. We can coexist without hard feelings, jealousy, grudges, and anger.