What is the first thing that comes to your mind after reading layering or Layers? My first thought was viscosity and fluid layers, science people will know what that is. Is it weird? I guess it is. Anyways this is not about viscosity and all that science stuff but about clothes that to layering of clothes. It is interesting. I promise you. This is going to be the opposite of what you are thinking it to be, so go on, read it. Layering too in terms of fashion is high up in the trend game. Wearing two t-shirts of contrasting colors over one another is literally so cool and doable as well, a sweatshirt over a dress, giving you that amazing blend of a feminine and casual vibe. There are more than a hundred ways one can layer two or more clothes to make it look fashionable and aesthetic. But if you are under the impression that it is a newly found fashion invention then I guess you are very wrong. We have been layering clothes for ages, not to look fashionable but to be referred to as sophisticated or a perfect or a good woman by others. Yes, you read it correctly. Whenever I stand in front of my wardrobe planning what to wear, where am I going? Will it be appropriate to wear (even as normal as a denim skirt or a crop top)? These are a few of the million thoughts that rush through my mind. And how sad is this, if we truly think about it and I’m very much aware that we all go through this at some point or the other. Taking a jacket or a shrug with you whenever you go out just because you have a heavy bust, cause we all know how much that pados wali aunty or those middle-aged uncles love to gaze at mock at it or on the other hand wear a heavily padded bra and a layered attire if you have a small chest. Why do we need to do this? Aren’t our bodies just as perfect as they are? I remember changing the outfit I was wearing just because I did not want anyone to stare at me on the road. It’s immensely uncomfortable. Why are women always objectified based on their clothes, way of walking, way of talking, how they laugh, how they eat, how they breathe, literally everything? This mentality of people is not going to go away so soon, will you be giving up on everything you wish for just for the sake of few uneducated people? No. We all have some issues or insecurities about our bodies but that does not give anyone any right to tell you, make you feel that you are not perfect, that you are not beautiful. Girl! You are. Here I would like to make a generalized statement, it is not just for women to feel good about themselves or their bodies but for men too. What are these criteria of masculinity? Why so narrow-minded? I think at least today women have learned to take a stand for themselves and can show their anger, can cry when they feel bad about anything. But what about men? Why are they always told not to cry, not to show their emotions, not to wear florals, pink-colored shirts, and whatnot? Please take note that no one has any right to tell you what to do and how to be, embrace yourself. You just be strong and be proud of your own individual self. There is no right and wrong, what to wear, what not to wear, what to do and what not to, what is for men and what is for women. We are all equal and can be the way we want to be. Make sure you go ahead with the same thoughts and beliefs yourself too. Anyways sorry for ranting, coming back to the outfits, wearing tights under a strappy dress or a top is so chic and sometimes it is done to cover those flabby arms or those stomach rolls and let me tell you something it’s alright, we all suffer from body issues and there are times when we want to look sexy or feminine but we fear of the judgment and that’s when layering comes to our rescue but listen to me Ladies!! You are beautiful and if you want to wear a sleeveless dress with those gorgeous bodies of yours go ahead and if you just want to layer that’s okay as well but the only thing you need to remember is that it’s all right you can layer clothes, it looks stunning but only when you are liking it, not just to hide your arms and legs. JUST BE YOU!!!!!  Good day.