Yet another lockdown, most of the world is still in lockdown, and in India, we really don’t need to mention anything about it we all know. This is not about the lockdown but just a random thought I had one night and felt like sharing it. Have you ever felt like not living your life authentically? I mean real and meaningful life. Although now vaccines are available, we still have no clue about when the lockdown will end, when we will be able to continue with our outdoor lives. We are somehow working from home, attending online classes, everything is online, basically, our whole life as of now is functioning online and if suppose your internet is not working properly, oh my god! suddenly the whole world stops (of course, a little exaggeration but the feelings are real). One day after completing my tasks for the day, I was scrolling my Instagram feed and one and a half hour passed like minutes without me noticing it. When I finally got track of time at that very moment, I felt a strange emptiness deep down in my heart, everything seemed so meaningless to me. After attending the classes, completing the assignments on time, and doing everything I had to do, I felt this shouldn’t be my life. This isn’t the way I want to live, being so consumed in social media and gaining nothing important and positive, except feeling bad about not being able to look a certain way, go out to a certain place, not wearing a certain type of clothes, feeling absolutely shitty about myself. Imagine being consumed while reading a book, being totally engrossed in the beautiful sky, or listening to someone talk about life shouldn’t that be the scenario? Exploring the real world. Of course, I am aware of the fact that we are not supposed to step out of our homes, but this is just a thought I am sharing. Lockdown in 2020 was different from the current lockdown in so many ways. This time, it is no more fun. Do you feel the same? We are presently living in a bubble, where every day we wake up, we have something or the other to do but yet feel like doing nothing and watching TV, just sleeping all day. This isn’t the life I wanted to live in my 20s, I expected to discover myself, to develop my skills, my personality, get to know different people, enjoy my college life (which is successfully wasted), and the reality is here I am lying on the couch and staring on my phone, laptop, and T.V screens the whole day. I still try to keep myself on track by putting genuine efforts into working out, walking on the terrace, reading good books, meditating, and everything which I like doing which does not need my phone and internet. But all this isn’t easy at all. Binge-watching a series, or a movie, scrolling the memes and reels on Instagram seems so much easy and please notice this, it is not always fun, but we still do it. Even if our eyes are burning, we are having a headache, we behave as if we don’t know why that is happening and should continue doing whatever we were doing. No one is interested in listening to some podcast or an interview, apparently, it is boring, no one is interested in engaging in a meaningful conversation, no one wants to know more about themselves, nothing, just nothing! Apparently, for us, the reel has become more interesting and entertaining than the real. Reel and real are two simple words with massively important meanings, just being aware of the difference between reel and real brings us back to the genuineness, keeps us grounded.  I started this blogsite to create a positive and healthy space, where for some time people can forget about the reel and get a chance to connect on a very basic and real level, where I can talk about how I feel so that someone who is feeling the same can relate. I have never left a chance to display my affection for reading and writing. Thus, every week no matter what happened I try to put something that can motivate at least one person reading it, and now I feel this is the x-factor I was searching for, the authentic meaning to my life. I am determined to do this, even if there are millions of people who want to watch the content, I am willing to make them interested in reading my content no matter how long it is. We have got this time to know what we want to do in life, who we are, what do we stand for. You can also find that x-factor that can help you find yourself and feel good about yourself, which gives you an authentic meaning to your life.