SHHH! DON’T TALK ABOUT IT: An abnormally normal taboo

In this age of technological advancement getting educated about anything is facile.  Around 79% of the world’s population can read and write, yet sometimes we remain mentally uneducated. We practice what we believe, over time we as a society have grown tremendously, competing with the whole world in all aspects, then what happens to us when we talk about periods or menstruation? Oh wait! we don’t talk about it at all. Why is it a taboo even today in 2021? Women have been objectified over their bodies, beauty standards, and basic life choices over and over. But to be considered impure while menstruating is deplorable. Ever noticed sanitary pads are wrapped in newspapers while selling? When we wrap the packet, it indicates that we are ashamed of the basic biological function of a woman’s body and that should be a shame. So many women are not allowed to go to a temple when they are menstruating, in many families entering the kitchen is forbidden. Seriously, why? Is it something like evil women who have done bad deeds in past life get periods in this one? No, it isn’t. People, please understand it is basic biology, women bleed every month for 5 to 7 days, which serves as a basis for them to conceive.

Shush! Don’t talk about periods in front of men, because it is not good, it is a women’s issue (a problem). A women’s body function which allows her to give birth to a child is a problem! This mentality gives birth to many unknown period-related health issues in women because they are not allowed to talk about it. There isn’t enough awareness and openness about it that even when a girl notices something unusual about her cycle or blood flow she doesn’t know what that means and might end up ignoring which can turn out to be serious and fatal. Normalizing periods can minimize the number of menstrual diseases and issues and a woman can live a healthy life.

 Moreover, it isn’t just for women to be aware and educated about, but men too should have a basic knowledge about what their mother, sister, spouse, or friends go through, what actually happens, and how they can help them with anything when they are in pain, etc. I have noticed that only (or mostly) the generation of our parents and grandparents consider periods to be taboo, I am saying this because all my male friends know what is menstruation, its cause, its effect, everything. They talk about it freely; they obviously don’t know the pain, that is why they are much more sensitive about it than most of the women themselves.

We just need to make it more normal; we are getting near it but still far enough to be extremely okay. Being a woman is empowering, if I am asked what is the best thing about being a woman? I would say everything about being a woman is the best: giving birth to a child to having periods and everything. For everyone reading this, next time you come across anyone mistreating a menstruating woman or anyone with these narrow-minded beliefs please educate them, do the right thing don’t just ignore or walk away because every voice matters and this is the society where your children will be growing up. It is not taboo because remember you were born because a woman bleed.